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Removing an old sign

Drilling holes for bolt

Tightening nuts on sign #4


New Trail Signs for Point Mugu State Park

Story by Jerry Mitcham
Photos by Greg Sweel and Burt Elliott
February 12, 2007 (with photo updates through May 26)

The Santa Monica Mountains Trails council (SMMTC) is installing new trail signs throughout Point Mugu State Park.

Approximately two years ago, the Trails Superintendent for the Angeles District of State Parks developed a sign plan and placed an order for a complete set of new trail signs for Point Mugu State Park. The new signs have now been delivered. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, the local park district is short of funds to install the signs. Therefore, SMMTC has stepped forward and offered to install the signs.

The sign plan was needed due to many missing or damaged signs, and the need for additional signage to improve trail identification and provide more information. There are over fifty signs in the complete set. The plan replaces all existing signs and adds many additional signs throughout the park. SMMTC volunteers are working closely with the State Parks personnel to determine requirements for posts, installation tools, hardware, placement, etc. SMMTC is determining the installation schedule. Some signs will be installed as a part of regular trail maintenance projects. On occasion, there may be a special "sign installation project". Other groups (e.g. Eagle Scout projects) may install some signs under the supervision of SMMTC volunteers.

Planning has been in process for the last two months. The first actual sign installation took place February 3 on the regularly scheduled Fossil Trial maintenance project. Three new signs were installed and one existing sign replaced. This initial effort provided valuable information regarding type and usage of required tools and hardware as well as installation techniques.

The SMMTC goal is to complete the project by the first of July 2007.

April 8 update: 6 signs installed so far. We plan to install several more during Trails Days and an Eagle Scout project is in the planning stage for installing several more signs in the La Jolla Valley area.

September 2007 update: project COMPLETED! See final story.

The crew takes a break

Above-right from the Chamberlain Trail, April 7.
Below were installed during the Santa Monica Mountains Trail Days, April 27-29. (We're about 25% done at this point!)

Leveling and hammering the post

Tightening nuts

Kids, don't try this at home