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New Trail Signs for Point Mugu State Park -- Completed!

By Jerry Mitcham
September 15, 2007 (final report)

The Santa Monica Mountains Trails council (SMMTC) has installed new trail signs throughout Point Mugu State Park.

Approximately two years ago, the Trails Superintendent for the Angles District of State Parks, developed a sign plan and placed an order for a complete set of new trail signs for Point Mugu State. Unfortunately, when the new signs were delivered, the local park district was short of funds to install the signs. Therefore, SMMTC volunteered to undertake a project to install the signs.

The new signs were needed due to many missing or damaged signs and the need for additional signage to improve trail identification and provide more information. There were a total of seventy-three signs in the complete set. The project replaced all existing signs and added many additional signs throughout the park. SMMTC volunteers worked closely with the State Parks personnel to determine requirements for posts, installation tools, hardware, placement, etc. SMMTC developed the an installation plan relying on the labor of local volunteers. Some signs were installed as a part of regular SMMTC trail maintenance projects while others were installed on special sign installation projects. The largest contribution of volunteer hours was by two Eagle Scout candidates, installing signs for their respective eagle projects. Jason Templer of Troop 730 in Newbury Park and James Costello of Troop 765 in Thousand Oaks installed a combined total of fifty-two signs, approximately two thirds of the total project.

Planning for the project began in January and the last signs were installed in late June. In addition to the volunteer hours, SMMTC and the two Eagle Scout candidates also provided financial support to purchase sign posts and other installation hardware.

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