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Trail Maintenance

June 7, 2008

New Trail Creation - Malibou Connector Trail

Peter Strauss Ranch

National Trails Day 2008

Thanks to all volunteers and contributors, especially the NPS and volunteers from Teradyne!

We had a very successful project on the upper end of the new Maibou Lake Connector trail. There were 45 volunteers and we were joined by NPS Rangers Melanie Beck and Mike Malone. Melanie talked about the ranch and also spent the whole day working with us, and Mike greeted everyone at the end of the work.Besides the usual great response from SMMTC regulars, there were a number of "locals" who have a real interest in seeing this trail happen, folks from CORBA and the Sierra Club Task Force, and a sizeable group from Teradyne, Inc. who are an amazing team of hard workers.
It was quite warm up there, and no doubt the workers got some good exercise along with a rewarding experience.

Photos below courtesy of Virginia Grue / SMMTC.
See also: photos taken by the Teradyne group.
See also: photos taken by Steve Clark / CORBA.