Board Of Directors
  1. Barb Thomas, President
  2. George Sherman, Vice President
  3. Peter Sullivan, Treasurer
  4. Melody Reilly, Secretary
  1. Don Brusselars
  2. John Kross
  3. Denise Pomonik
  4. Robert Bittner
  5. Roger Young
  6. Ruth Gerson, President Emerita
Our Next Board Meeting:
July 25th  7PM

About Us—Mission & Goals

The Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council, a volunteer nonprofit organization, is dedicated to establishing, preserving and maintaining the public trail system throughout the Santa Monica Mountains and adjacent areas through education, advocacy and partnership with public and private sectors.

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Who We Are and What We Do

The Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council coordinates with various government agencies to enhance and preserve the trail system. We assist in negotiations with property owners regarding specific trail alignments. We promote public awareness and build, monitor and maintain trails.

Trails are continually subject to continuous pressures, whether due to recreation, development or simply the forces of nature. Therefore, it is imperative that the trails be safeguarded to ensure future use and enjoyment.

Our monthly Board meetings are attended by State Park, National Park, Mountains Restoration and Conservation Agency and Los Angeles County representatives. The public is welcome.

Our Roots

Since 1969, the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council has been the only organization devoted to representing all trail user groups in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Some History

The Santa Monica Mountains contain historic trails originally made by the Chumash Indians and later expanded by the early settlers. However, urban sprawl and extensive road construction has destroyed major portions of these trails and continues to threaten their existence and use.

The Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council was born out of the concern and need to preserve these historic trails. Through our commitment to these mountains, some of the historic trails now link local, state, and federal parklands creating a vast recreational resource that extends from Griffith Park in the city of Los Angeles to Point Mugu in Ventura County.

Our volunteers are maintaining a trail somewhere in the Santa Monica Mountains almost every weekend year-round.

Your generous contributions are hard at work protecting and enhancing the trail system that serves as a recreational, educational and historical resource for generations to enjoy.

Our Goals
  • Support the establishment and maintenance of the trail system.
  • Educate trail users on proper trail use and issues that affect access.
  • Protect public trails, access easements and connections.
  • Partner with land agencies, local government, businesses and the community.
  • Increase public awareness of trails.
  • Promote a positive trail experience
  • Advocate for trail camps along the Backbone Trail.

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