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Back Bone Trail Improvement Plan

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Upper Sycamore Restoration
Join us as we restore the Upper Sycamore Trail.

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  1. Protect public trails, access, easements and connections.
  2. Promote a positive trail experience
  3. Partner with land agencies, local government, businesses and the community in support of our mission.
  4. Increase public awareness of trails.
  5. Support the establishment and maintenance of the trail system.
  6. Educate trail users on proper trail use and issues that affect access.
  7. Promote the creation of trail camps.

The Backbone Trail segment from the Etz Meloy fire road to Yerba Buena is now officially open! NPS worked hard to make this happen and got an assist from the Trails Council, CORBA and the Sierra Club Task Force. The Backbone Trail is now officially complete and the trail was given National Recreation Trail status from the Department of the Interior.

Trail News - La Jolla Canyon in Pt. Mugu State Park trail remains closed - the rock surrounding where the trail went is unstable. Danielson Road (waterfall trail) and Upper Sycamore Trails are hazardous for horses and should be avoided by equestrians until further notice. The Trails Council performs restoration work on the trails throughout the park. Check our Trail Work page if you want to help rebuild the trails in this area. Photos from Dave Edwards showing the extent of damage. Other trail news... Trail Etiquette, notes from our last trail work outings, trail closures and so on.

Once again, our tireless trail crew had a year full of accomplishments. We contributed 78 volunteer days for a total of 4,578 volunteer hours while maintaining over 51 miles of trails. Our core group of a dozen volunteers averages about 225 hours per year! Some of the years highlights are Read more..

Trail maintenance is a vital part of preserving the trails and keeping them safe for trail users. Without regular maintenance, the trails would become overgrown or washed out, limiting their use and compromising the safety of trail users.

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So you need some “Community Service” hours or maybe you want to give back to the trails you love to wander and are now wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.... Continue Reading...

Greg Sweel has been selected as the 2016 Hank Grateful Volunteer of the Year! Greg, is one of the “unsung” heroes of the SMMTC trail crew. He also might be considered one of the “grey beards”, having started volunteering with the trail crew in 2002. He worked with and trained under the well known Milt McAuley before becoming a crew leader in 2005. Greg puts in close to 200 hours working on the trails every year!

We are usually out working on a trail every Saturday September thru June. This page offers a synopsis of each trail work event. Read more?

Joining our organization is also a simple and inexpensive way to show your support for the trails.

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mail@smmtc.org We welcome your suggestions and comments regarding our organization and our website (trail conditions, trail issues, web content, plants of the month).

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