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Santa Monica Mountains Trail Conditions 2007
October 5, 2007

Story by Ed Stauss
(a condensed version appears in our Fall 2007 Newsletter)

Since 1 February 2007, Trails Council has provided 2374 hours of volunteer service to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Channel Islands National Park, and Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency, grooming over 20 trail miles.

Most trails are safe and serviceable for all users although much improvement is still possible. Because the low rainfall this past year reduced trail erosion and growth of vegetation, Trails Council has been able accomplish some deferred maintenance which had accumulated over the years. Some ongoing projects worth mentioning are:
The top five volunteers during the 2007 season are:

In recent years we have been increasing the number of volunteer hours and expect this trend to continue. As a result, the outlook is for even more improvement in Santa Monica Mountains trails.