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Date: 2023-10-21
Trail: COSCA Fall Work Day
Leader:Jon Sheldon
Hours: 53
Status: Completed
Regulars: 13
Casuals: 0
Tag:Other X
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
10062023-10-21Jon Sheldon53.0
9022022-10-15John Kross76.0
6992019-10-19John Kross55.0
6012018-10-20John Kross58.0
5152017-10-21John Kross58.5
4402016-10-15Jerry Mitcham90.0
3572015-10-17Jerry Mitcham45.0
Crew Member Hours
Barb Thomas4.00
Cindy Kimmick3.50
Dave Edwards4.00
Don Brusselars4.00
Greg Sweel4.00
Jerry Mitcham4.00
John Reynolds4.00
Jon Sheldon5.00
Jon Van Gorder4.00
Kirsten Rosselot3.50
Roger Young4.00
Ruth Feldon5.00
Steve Clark4.00
Thirteen SMMTC volunteers showed up to support the COSCA Fall Trails Work Day at Wildwood Park, six of whom acted in a crew leader capacity. The event attracted about 100 participants and was separated into six groups covering three trails and the Meadows picnic area. Three groups were assigned to the Santa Rosa Trail. Group 1, led by Dave Edwards, hiked to the top and used wheelbarrows, water packs, tampers and hand tools to fill in heavily rutted sections, cleaned drains and brushed the switchbacks on the uppermost 0.2 mi of the trail. (All tools and water were driven to the top by COSCA rangers using an access road. A pile of dirt at the top leftover from the Spring 2022 event held in the same area was used for fill.) Group 2, led by Greg Sweel, cleared brush and cactus(!) from a 0.25 mi section in the middle section and fixed many tread issues. Group 3, led by Steve Clark, worked 0.3 mi of the lower section, brushing, lopping thick Lemonade berry and clearing drains. Barb Thomas led a group clearing brush and filling in ruts on the Stagecoach Bluff Trail. Jon Van Gorder shepherded a group on the Moonridge Trail clearing brush, removing slough and widening narrow sections. Jerry Mitcham supervised volunteers in the Meadows Picnic area by removing weeds, and brush in the amphitheater. Jerry’s group was assisted by 11 members of the CYCC (Conejo Youth Conservation Corps). Feet of trail cleared: 1.3 mi
Crew: Ruth Feldon, Dave Edwards, Jon Sheldon, Greg Sweel, Don Brusselars, Steve Clark, Jon Van Gorder, Cindy Kimmick, Jerry Mitcham, John Reynolds, Kirsten Rosselot, Barb Thomas, Roger Young