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Date: 2019-06-01
Trail: National Trails Day
Leader:Jerry Mitcham
Hours: 40
Status: Completed
Regulars: 10
Casuals: 0
Tag:BBT, Woolsey_Fire
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8852022-06-04Barb Thomas49.5
6512019-06-01Jerry Mitcham40.0
6502019-05-28Jerry Mitcham8.0
5662018-06-02Dave Edwards39.0
4942017-06-03Dave Edwards40.0
Crew Member Hours
Barb Thomas4.00
Barry Dydyk4.00
Dave Edwards4.00
Don Brusselars4.00
George Sherman4.00
Greg Sweel4.00
Ingrid Cassady4.00
Jerry Mitcham4.00
John Kross4.00
Norm Simmonds4.00
This was the annual National Trails Day event. As in the past, SMMTC provided support to NPS for the event. We supplied tools as well as several crewleaders to supervise the many volunteers. There were 9 SMMTC crewleaders present. Met at the trailhead on Encinal Canyon Road. Several of our crewleaders carpooled to the trailhead on Mulholland Hwy. There we met up with numerous volunteers. We conduced tool talk and safety briefings then hiked the trail to assigned work areas. Two other crewleaders carpooled to the BBT access point known as the “Yellow Gate and performed similar activities. The work in all areas consisted almost completely of chopping back new growth to restore the 4 foot wide tread. In one location a large rock wall was constructed to repair a large washout in the side of the trail. Completed work and began hike back to the meeting place... Project complete. Total volunteer hours: 10 Volunteers x 4 hours = 40 hours Feet of trail maintained: 6, 864