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Date: 2020-11-04
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Blue Canyon Trail
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 36
Status: Completed
Regulars: 6
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
9092022-11-18Dave Edwards15.0
7702020-11-14Dave Edwards30.0
7672020-11-07Dave Edwards35.0
7662020-11-04Dave Edwards36.0
7652020-10-31Greg Sweel66.0
5422018-01-03John Kross16.0
5352017-12-30Greg Sweel45.5
4672017-02-25Jerry Mitcham108.0
4222016-07-16Jerry Mitcham24.0
3512015-09-16Norm Simmonds49.5
3272015-05-14Dave Edwards85.0
2972015-02-14Jerry Mitcham66.0
2882015-01-17Jerry Mitcham66.0
2272014-04-26Jerry Mitcham60.0
Crew Member Hours
Barb Thomas6.00
Dave Edwards6.00
Dave Perlmutter6.00
George Sherman6.00
Jerry Mitcham6.00
Jon Sheldon6.00
Location: Blue Canyon, Point Mugu State Park Crew leader: Dave Edwards Summary: We met at Wendy and Potrero parking area at 8:00 and drove to the Danielson Multiuse Area. From there we hiked about ¾ mile up Blue Canyon to begin clearing brush and weeds working our way back toward Danielson. With a crew of 6 we employed one gas powered and one battery powered hedge trimmer and cleared about 3500 feet of trail. We quit work at 1:30 and hiked backed to Danielson and then to Wendy. Blue Canyon is now almost cleared up to its juncture with Old Boney. About ¼ mile remains uncleared but is considered ok for hikers. Crew size: 6 Hours worked: 6 Total hours: 36 Total feet of trail worked: 3500 ft