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Date: 2021-01-30
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Saddle Peak Connector And Trail
Leader:Greg Sweel
Hours: 49
Status: Completed
Regulars: 9
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
7852021-01-30Greg Sweel49.5
Crew Member Hours
Anne Russell5.50
Cindy Kimmick5.50
Dave Edwards5.50
Dave Perlmutter5.50
George Sherman5.50
Greg Sweel5.50
John Kross5.50
Jon Sheldon5.50
Mike Epler5.50
Location: Backbone Trail - Saddle Peak Connector & Saddle Peak Trail, Malibu Creek State Park Crewleader: Greg Sweel Summary: A crew of 9 met at mile marker 2.9 on Stunt Road at 8:30 AM. We discussed the safety precautions we’re to take for the COVID-19 pandemic and the anticipated work planned for the day. We then distributed the tools and started up the Saddle Peak connector trail to the junction with the main Backbone Trail, turning left (east) and proceeding uphill. This week we did not use power tools, only hand tools. We brushed, lopped and sawed vegetation encroaching into the trail. We restored/cleaned and/or installed 44 water diversion drains. We also widened/smoothed the tread and filled in 30 linear feet of erosional ruts. The day was cool with frost on the damp ground in the morning. We all marveled at the far reaching views of snow-capped mountains to the north. We stopped work and hiked back to the meeting location. We cleared and restored 5,280 feet or 1 mile of trail. Crew size: 9 Hours worked: 5.5 Total hours: 49.5 Total feet of trail worked: 5,280 feet Crew Members: Anne Russell, Dave Edwards, John Kross, Jon Sheldon, Dave Perlmutter, George Sherman, Greg Sweel, Mike Epler, Cindy Kimmik