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Date: 2021-05-29
Agency:State Parks
Trail: La Jolla Valley Trails, Point Mugu State Park
Leader:John Kross
Hours: 72
Status: Completed
Regulars: 12
Casuals: 0
Previous Events
ID Date Leader Hours
8152021-06-26Dave Edwards67.0
8142021-06-19Greg Sweel49.0
8132021-06-12Jerry Mitcham103.5
8122021-06-05Don Brusselars66.0
8112021-05-29John Kross72.0
Crew Member Hours
Barry Dydyk6.00
Dave Edwards6.00
Don Brusselars6.00
George Sherman6.00
Greg Borgeson6.00
Greg Sweel6.00
Jerry Mitcham6.00
John Kross6.00
Jon Sheldon6.00
Mike Epler6.00
Robert Bittner6.00
Roger Young6.00
Date: 5/29/2021 Activity: tread work, brushing, install drain Location: La Jolla Valley Loop, Pt Mugu S. P. Crewleader: John Kross Activity Eleven of us met at the Wendy trailhead and proceeded to shuttle into Sycamore Canyon in three pickup trucks. Jon Sheldon hiked in and met us at the work area At the work area, after retrieving the cached tools, we split into two groups, one group of three people with a weed whip worked in an area with tall grasses on both sides, brushing and improving the tread where needed. The other group of nine hiked about 1-1/2 miles and worked our way back, with three brush cutters and hand tools. We brushed, improved the tread, moved the trail over in one short section. Also installed a drain. There is still work to be done in this area, next Saturday we will begin working on the La Jolla Canyon trail. Total volunteer hours: 12 volunteers x 6 hours = 72 hours Feet of trail maintained: 5,020