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Date: 2022-12-01
Trail: Pelican Bay Trail
Leader:Dave Edwards
Hours: 147
Status: Completed
Regulars: 7
Casuals: 0
Tag:Other X
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
9272023-02-07Dave Edwards164.0
9182022-12-01Dave Edwards147.0
Crew Member Hours
Anne Russell21.00
Barry Dydyk21.00
Cindy Kimmick21.00
Dave Edwards21.00
Don Brusselars21.00
John Kross21.00
Ruth Feldon21.00
We completely brushed the trail all the way to the #11 sign post and cleaned the rock steps of rocks just below that. That’s a distance of about a mile. We carved in a couple of new steps and improved some of the existing steps through that gnarly section. We did lots of tread work in several sections by widening and leveling the trail. There’re still a few minor sections which can be improved but most of the bad spots were fixed. The crew took out some big chunks of rock to make a nice path through the worst rocky section. After going down the rock steps beyond #11 and crossing the creek, we could install 5 wooden steps and some rock steps to improve this short, steep uphill section. We surveyed the trail where several steps need to be installed on the uphill portion after going down the wooden steps and crossing the creek. We figure we need about 26 steps in that location where there's still some old steps. In summary we could use about 31 wooden, 3-foot x 6x6 inch steps plus 6 more if needed elsewhere. We have 18 steps at the Main Ranch. There’re 26 sticks of rebar stashed alongside the trail. Getting the steps to the work site is going to be a big problem. Our crew may be able to haul some of the steps but it would be nice if other volunteers carried some now and then prior to us arriving for our next work dates. It would be great if a schedule of sorts could be arranged for our next outings. This would really help us in our scheduling to get a crew together. We figure a crew of 8 is the right number for future trips. Crew members: Dave Edwards, Barry Dydyk, John Kross, Anne Russell, Don Brusselars, Ruth Feldon, Cindy Kimmick Total hours worked per crew member: 21 Total crew hours: 147 Total feet of trail worked: 5280