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Date: 2023-02-11
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Saddle Creek
Leader:Anne Russell
Hours: 84
Status: Completed
Regulars: 12
Casuals: 2
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
9392023-04-04Jerry Mitcham54.0
9372023-03-24Jerry Mitcham6.0
9292023-02-18Barry Dydyk90.0
9282023-02-11Anne Russell84.0
9252023-02-04Greg Sweel132.0
7192020-01-25Jerry Mitcham36.0
7072019-11-23Greg Sweel192.0
6492019-05-25Jerry Mitcham54.0
6342019-04-13Greg Sweel38.5
6302019-03-30George Sherman72.0
4992017-06-28Dave Edwards42.0
4972017-06-17Jerry Mitcham60.0
4642017-02-11Dave Edwards48.0
4102016-03-05Barb Thomas60.0
3262015-05-02Greg Sweel24.0
2202014-04-05Greg Sweel48.0
1802013-10-12Greg Sweel30.0
Crew Member Hours
Anne Russell6.00
Cindy Kimmick6.00
Dave Edwards6.00
Don Brusselars6.00
George Sherman6.00
Greg Sweel6.00
John Kross6.00
Jon Sheldon6.00
Kirsten Rosselot6.00
Lauren Schneider6.00
Ruth Feldon6.00
Viviana Celaya6.00
We had 2 occasional volunteers and 12 regulars (including 2 from the Trail Corps) for a total of 14. We met at 22575 Piuma Rd and parked there and then hiked about 1.5 miles to where we had cached tools the previous week. We split into 3 crews: 2 crews focused on fixing the hazardous washouts that were in line with each other. That meant cutting the trail more deeply into the hillside and stabilizing the slide areas. Two crew leaders ran brush cutters, while a 3rd crew cleaned up debris after them. That group also cleared slough, removed rocks, and repaired ruts in some areas. They also added a drain, although a lot more drain work is needed. After lunch, both repair crews moved up to repair a washout higher up, so in total 3 areas were fixed. We covered approximately .3 miles, because so much time was devoted to repairing the 3 washouts. Ultimately, those areas should be stabilized with timber buttresses, as has been done elsewhere on this trail, because erosion is going to continue due to the steepness of the area. We returned to the cars by 2:00 pm. Total volunteer hours: 14 x 6 = 84 Feet maintained: 1584
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