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Date: 2023-05-06
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Ray Miller Trail
Leader:George Sherman
Hours: 40
Status: Completed
Regulars: 5
Casuals: 0
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
9552023-05-10Jon Sheldon11.0
9462023-05-06George Sherman40.0
9192023-01-14Dave Edwards30.0
6582019-06-22Dave Edwards66.0
5122017-10-11Norm Simmonds30.0
5062017-09-14Dave Edwards12.0
5052017-09-13Norm Simmonds60.0
3942016-03-26Dave Edwards66.0
2142014-03-12Norm Simmonds48.0
Crew Member Hours
George Sherman9.50
Greg Sweel9.00
Jon Sheldon10.00
Juan Carlo Mendoza11.50
Kirsten Rosselot8.00
Four crew members were driven to the top of the Ray Miller Trail and then dropped off with a weed whip, brush trimmer, fuel, and Mcleods. Removing mustard that had encroached upon the trail was the primary activity of the day. Juan Carlo’s energy drove the crew to work far beyond the normal 2PM cutoff. There are 2. 7 miles from the top to the bottom of the trail - we cleared 99.9% of it. There is a 40-yard section that remained – only because Juan ran out of fuel for the trimmer. Greg worked until 5PM, John and I worked until close to 6PM but Juan remained until 7:30. All in all, one of the more successful work outings by a group of this size ever! Crew size: 5 – Juan 11.5, Greg 9, Jon 10, Kirsten 8, George 9.5 Hours worked: 48 Total hours worked: 54 Feet of trail cleared: 14,000+ Crew members: Juan Carlo, Greg Sweel, George Sherman, Kirsten Rossleot
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