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Date: 2023-04-23
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Santa Monica Mountains Trail Days, Sycamore Canyon
Leader:Barb Thomas
Hours: 414
Status: Completed
Regulars: 16
Casuals: 53
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
9532023-04-23Barb Thomas414.0
9522023-04-22Barb Thomas714.0
9512023-04-21Barb Thomas16.0
4882017-04-30Jerry Mitcham60.0
4872017-04-29Jerry Mitcham216.0
4862017-04-28Jerry Mitcham24.0
4852017-04-27Jerry Mitcham24.0
4842017-04-26Dave Edwards4.0
Crew Member Hours
Barb Thomas8.50
Barry Dydyk6.50
Carlyn Taggart9.50
Dave Edwards6.50
Denise Pomonik8.00
Don Brusselars8.00
George Sherman7.50
Jerry Mitcham8.00
John Kross8.00
John Reynolds4.50
Jon Sheldon8.00
Jon Van Gorder4.50
Juan Carlos Mendoza6.50
Peter Sullivan4.00
Ruth Feldon8.00
Steve Clark6.50
Multiple groups/organizations with leaders lead crews on different trails: Volunteers were organized into several crews. Crews were shuttled to various trail heads, assigned crew leaders and issued tools. The crewleaders conducted tool talk and safety briefings to their respective crews. The trails, crews and work accomplishments were as follows: SMMTC – One Crew: Upper Sycamore Canyon Trail. 27 volunteers. The crew used two gas powered weed whackers and one brush trimmer to clear overgrowth on trail. Crew followed to pick up cuttings and cut back the heavier growth. Minor tread work to clean out drains and improve stream crossings. A small detachment hiked further up the trail to address a badly eroded stream crossing and perform other tread work. Total volunteer hours: (27 volunteers x 4 hours) = 108 hours Feet of trail maintained: 2,110 CORBA Sin Nombre Trail. 13 Volunteers. The crew continued work from Saturday, filling ruts in the tread and constructing a retaining wall to protect the trail from further erosion damage. Total volunteer hours: (13 volunteers x 4 hours) = 52 hours Feet of trail maintained: 1,320 Sierra Club; Hidden Pond Connector Trail. 8 Volunteers. Crew performed primarily brush clearance; lopping and weed removal. Minor tread work at the stream crossing. Total volunteer Hours: (8 volunteers x 4 hours) = 48 hours Feet of trail maintained: 500 SMMTC; Din Nombre Connector Trail. 21 Volunteers (21 kids plus adults). The work was to chop weeds and light brush. Minor tread work to smooth the tread, Total volunteer Hours: (21 volunteers x 4 hours) = 84 hours Feet of trail maintained: 500 Total volunteer hours for Sunday: 292 hours Feet of trail maintained: 4,430 (.84 mi) Stat Total for Trail Days Total Volunteers: 133 Total Volunteer hours: 536 Total Feet of Trail maintained: 17,882 (3.9 Mi.)