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Date: 2023-05-23
Agency:State Parks
Trail: La Jolla Valley Trails Prep
Leader:Jerry Mitcham
Hours: 4
Status: Completed
Regulars: 1
Casuals: 0
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
9602023-05-23Jerry Mitcham4.0
Crew Member Hours
Jerry Mitcham4.00
This was a special project to pick up and pay and pay for materials needed for the Eagle Scout project scheduled May 27. Only one SMMTC volunteer (Jerry Mitcham) was present and two State Park employees. Met at the Angeles District Admin Offices in Malibu Creek State Park. Caravanned in three vehicles to C&M Top Soils Co. in Sylmar. Loaded 1.5 yards of gravel into the two state park trucks. The two state park trucks drove to Point Mugu State Park. Jerry Mitcham gathered several buckets from various sources a met state park employee at Point Mugu. State Park employees transported the gravel to La Jolla Valley in Point Mugu State Park. Jerry Mitcham gathered tools for the week end event(s). Total SMMTC volunteer hours: 1 Volunteers x 4.0 hours = 4.0 hours Feet of trail maintained: NA
Crew: Jerry Mitcham