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Date: 2023-08-16
Agency:State Parks
Trail: Nicholas Flats
Leader:Juan Carlo Mendoza
Hours: 36
Status: Completed
Regulars: 9
Casuals: 0
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
9802023-08-16Juan Carlo Mendoza36.0
9842023-07-31Jerry Mitcham6.0
3482015-08-18Jerry Mitcham24.0
2742014-11-22Jerry Mitcham162.0
2702014-11-15Jerry Mitcham108.0
2542014-09-17Dave Edwards25.0
2532014-09-13Jerry Mitcham35.0
2432014-06-25Norm Simmonds39.0
2292014-05-14Norm Simmonds20.0
2152014-03-15Jerry Mitcham150.0
2122014-02-22Dave Edwards72.0
2112014-02-19Norm Simmonds45.5
2102014-02-15Dave Edwards144.0
2022014-01-22Norm Simmonds42.0
1932013-12-21Dave Edwards30.0
1922013-12-14Dave Edwards30.0
1912013-12-12Norm Simmonds25.0
1842013-11-13Norm Simmonds32.5
1752013-10-23Norm Simmonds39.0
Crew Member Hours
Denise Pomonik4.00
Don Brusselars4.00
Jerry Mitcham4.00
John Kross4.00
Jon Sheldon4.00
Juan Carlo Mendoza4.00
Norm Simmonds4.00
Ruth Feldon4.00
Sharon Simmonds4.00
9 of us, all regulars, met at the Leo Carillo asphalt parking area. We signed in and Denise Pomonik (co-leader) discussed safety protocols and the goals of the day. Then proceeded to work the first ½ mile of lower part of the Nicolas Flats trail. Our goal was to widen the trail enough to allow the hiker enough room on each side to avoid rubbing against the brush to avoid getting any ticks, and to have better visual of the ground for any snakes. There were three brush cutters (two gas and one electric). There were several rakes used to clean up the trail. In addition, one electric shear, one saw and a looper were used to trim back the aggressive Sumac. Jerry (the drain master) did some drain work on existing drains. We made our way up the hill to the ½ mile point and turned around. The team was back at the parking lot around 11:30am and had some drinks and snacks. We discussed another date to come back to finish up that section of the Nicolas Flats trail. Next date was set for August 19th, same parking lot at 730 am to work til 11am and back at the lot by 1130am. Impressions: Trail was overgrown and needed a good dose of trail maintenance and love…which the team provided. Great job everyone!
Crew: Juan Carlo Mendoza, Jon Sheldon, Jerry Mitcham, John Kross, Don Brusselars, Denise Pomonik, Ruth Feldon, Norm Simmonds, Sharon Simmonds