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Date: 2023-09-30
Trail: Round Mountain
Leader:Jerry Mitcham
Hours: 15
Status: Completed
Regulars: 3
Casuals: 0
Previous Events on this Trail
ID Date Leader Hours
10042023-10-14Jerry Mitcham80.5
9952023-09-30Jerry Mitcham15.0
8952022-10-01Jerry Mitcham50.0
8942022-09-29Jerry Mitcham19.0
8232021-10-09Jerry Mitcham44.0
8192021-09-18Jerry Mitcham45.0
8182021-09-15George Sherman35.0
6942019-09-21Jerry Mitcham288.0
Crew Member Hours
Christopher Ramirez4.00
Jerry Mitcham5.50
Krista Smith5.50
This was a special project to provide trail maintenance skills training to the CSUCI Tail Corps members and to perform some preparatory work on the Round Mountain Trail in preparation for the October 14 Sat’wiwa trail restoration event. There were two CSUCI Trail Corps members and one SMMTC volunteers present. Met at the dirt pull out on Old Lewis Road near the Camrosa Water Treatment Facility entrance. Held tool talk and safety briefings. Conducted instruction in the use of, and safely considerations of gas powered weed whackers and brush trimmers. After instruction, Corps members were supervised in the use of the tools. Cleared high weeds and thick brush from the trail. Cuttings were left on the trail for the CSUCI students to clear on the October 14 event (Note: Currently, this trail is not open to the public, so leaving the cutting on the trail did not create a safety issue.) Tread is in good condition so no tread work was performed. . One Corps member departed. Remaining crew members stopped work and returned to the trail head. The cuttings around the trail head were cleaned up in order to present a more pleasant meeting area for the October 14 event. Completed work. Total volunteer hours: 2 Volunteers x 5.5 hours = 11.0 hours 1 volunteer x 4.0 hours = 4.0 hours Total = 15.0 hours Feet of trail maintained: 800.
Crew: Jerry Mitcham