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Our Goals as an Organization

1. Protect public trail access easements and connections through partnerships.
2. Promote the establishment of trail camps in the Santa Monica Mountains.
3. Increase public awareness of trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.
4. Support and encourage consistent and comprehensive trail signage.
5. Maintain trails in the Santa Monica Mountains through partnerships with land agencies, local government, businesses and the community.
6. Educate trail users on issues that affect access to local trails and the proper land use.

BBT Section Closed

CORBA has posted that a private property owner at the west end of Etz Meloy Motorway (a section of the Backbone Trail) at Yerba Buena Road has erected a new gate to deter the public from using the route. NPS has indicated that they expect this to be re-opened by the end of next year. A new alignment needs to be surveyed and built.

Trail News

Trail News - Pt Mugu State Park is now open! Most trails suffered some damage but are passable. However, La Jolla Canyon trail remains closed. Upper Sycamore Trail (half a mile from bridge) is severely damaged and may be impassable for some time. Danielson Road (waterfall trail) and Upper Sycamore Trails are now hazardous for horses and should be avoided by equestrians until further notice. The Trails Council performed restoration work on the trails throughout the park. Check our Trail Work page if you want to help rebuild the trails in this area. Photos from Dave Edwards showing the extent of damage. Other trail news... Trail Etiquette, notes from our last trail work outings, trail closures and so on.

Trail Crew Accomplishments

Trail Crew Accomplishments for the year 2014. We had quite a year - improving on last years numbers. We could not have done it without our dedicated volunteer crew! Completed major maintenance and improvements to the Nicholas Flats Trail in Leo Carrillo State Park. Fifteen volunteer days on this project, involving dozens of volunteers and hundreds of volunteer hours. Restored the La Jolla Valley Hike-In campground in Point Mugu State Park. The campground was completely destroyed during the 2013 Springs Fire.
Completed restoration of the Sage Trail in Point Mugu State Park. This was the main project for 2014 “Trail Days”.

Why do We Work on Trails?

Trail maintenance is a vital part of preserving the trails and keeping them safe for trail users. Without regular maintenance, the trails would become overgrown or washed out, limiting their use and compromising the safety of trail users. Continue Reading...

Volunteer of the Year Award

Sharon Simmonds has been selected as the 2014 Hank Grateful Volunteer of the Year recipient. Sharon is a dedicated volunteer who contributes hundreds of hours of labor every year working on our trails.

Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month is the Star Lily. This toxic plant is in bloom and a known fire follower. For more information on other plants and flowers - Plants and Flowers Resource Page

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